My 12-Week Weight Loss Journey

Hi, my name is Emma and today I want to share my experience with the Bikini Body Workouts program that I bought a few months back.

But, before I do that, I should share how I came across it in the first place.

1 year ago my life got turned upside down...

I thought me and my husband were happy. Everything seemed to be fine.

I met him when we were both young. I actually married the first man I fell in love with. My ex-husband and I met at 19, married at 22, and were divorced at 35. 16 years of companionship, love, and trust came to an end when I saw the message "I wish I were in your arms". That was what he had just typed and sent to some woman. The next few minutes after that are a blank. I only remember taking deep breaths and feeling my chest tighten...

As it turned out, this wasn't some meaningless affair. He was actually in love with this woman. Solely for the benefit of our 2 young children, I begged him not to go. And yet, he left. He moved in with her. The results to me and our family were absolutely catastrophic. I was a stay-at-home mom, which was now unsustainable. I had to quickly find a job. He blindly signed the divorce papers. He Did. Not. Care. I got full custody of the children and I was left alone trying to put the pieces of myself back together.

My life had been turned upside down. I turned to food for comfort and started to gain weight fast! In 4 months I gained 30 pounds and I was severely depressed. About 3 month ago my best friend sat down beside me and told me that it was about time I did something about my weight. I knew she meant well, so I wasn't offended.

So I jumped on Google and searched for fitness and weight loss programs for women. That’s when I came across a forum where they were all raving about this Bikini Body Workouts, saying how amazing it was. I decided to give it a try..

Here is what’s included in Jen Ferruggia's Bikini Body Workouts

Nutrition guide – which lays out your eating in detail and contains many healthy and delicious meals. With this guide, counting calories becomes unnecessary.

Jen Ferruggia’s workout videos that are simple and you can easily perform them anywhere.

Supplement list – which can help you avoid wasting money on products that simply don’t work.

Extensive shopping list – which includes all the food items you need to buy from your local grocery store.

Booty Blast Guide - which comes with 10-minute exercises specifically meant to give you a good looking booty.

What I Liked About Bikini Body Workouts

  • Very easy to follow.
  • Very fast results. I couldn't believe how soon I started noticing my body changing.
  • I could do all the exercises at home with only some dumbbells and resistance bands.No need to go to the gym.

What I Didn't Like About Bikini Body Workouts

I hate exercise. Getting started with any exercise program is always a struggle for me. But, it was about time I got out of my comfort zone.

Where I'm Now

After 3 months of following the program I have lost all of my excess weight. I feel like a new woman! I never imagined feeling this great. I keep getting compliments from friends and family members– even strangers.. And the best part is... My husband has started begging me to take him back. His mistress dumped him, when he lost his job. He looked stunned and overwhelmed, when he came home to see me. He had been living in a fantasy world. He actually thought that this 20-year old woman really loved him. He was now bereft of everything good in his life. Everything. No job. No home. No wife. No girlfriend. No nothing. Karma is a bitch!

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